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Hearing FAQs

It can be stressful to worry about whether tinnitus will ever go away. Fortunately, tinnitus can go away. Some signs that your tinnitus is going away include:

  • It occurs less often and for shorter periods
  • It seems quieter or less perceivable
  • You feel less bothered by it
  • You are able to sleep, relax, and concentrate better
  • You have more “good” days rather than “bad”

At Best Hearing Care Today, we carry a wide range of hearing aids that can help you hear again. Many of the hearing aids we carry are water resistant. No hearing aid is 100% waterproof. You should never go swimming with your hearing aids in or shower without taking them out of your ears. Hearing aids are incredibly durable though and they can withstand moisture, sweat, and rain.

Hearing aids are generally not covered by medical insurance. Insurance does often times cover hearing tests and hearing aid fittings, but not the devices themselves. At Best Hearing Care Today we work with a wide range of providers and will work with you to find a hearing aid within your budget.

Tinnitus can be temporary or permanent and can last anywhere from a few seconds to weeks. If tinnitus is affecting your quality of life contact us for an appointment. We can test your hearing and discuss solutions that can help you experience relief from the ringing in your ears.

Taking care of your hearing aids is crucial for their longevity. You should clean your hearing aids everyday whenever you take them out of your ears. We make cleaning your devices easy by carrying audio wipes in our office. Simply wipe down your hearing aids to remove any earwax, dead skin cells, or dust. In addition, you should bring your hearing aids in every 4 months for a professional cleaning.

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